Just to confirm, the show cannot be mentioned ahead of time as it does depend on the class numbers.  We are really stressing commitment for next year.  It isn’t fair to the students and they work so hard to achieve something special.  If you will be joining us and we sincerely hope you are, please register early.  People often wait to see who is signing up and that affects show choice and if the program is even viable to run.  Ideally for a successful musical theatre production to run we need 16-20 dedicated students.

Lindbjerg provides opportunities for performing outside of the studio on Vancouver stages as well as at Community Events.  We know our Home Stars could be a part of that and we want that for them if that’s what they would choose and they work hard!

Please do not delay in registering.  Signup will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Should you not receive confirmation or hear back from us regarding your registration, please contact lindbjergacademy@gmail.com – sometimes technology isn’t our friend. 😉 Thanks!