Parent Fundraising Committee (PFC)

Thank you for your past support in 2017.

January to June: Candy Sales

Candy sales will run during all show this year. Proceeds will go towards helping students who are going on the New York trip and Show Choir trip. 


The Parent Fundraising committee has taken on the responsibility of raising funds for students who are going on trips, like the Show Choir and New York trips, and for supplementing the purchasing of set pieces and costumes for student productions. If you are interested in helping out please contact Dan at


The Lindbjerg PFC has been created to serve the students at Lindbjerg Academy. We exist to plan and execute the raising of funds that will benefit the students directly. Currently we are raising money to help fund the building of sets and making of costumes for all the production classes that take place in May through June each year. As well we are raising money to support the different groups, like the Lindbjerg Show Choir, who are travelling to perform in locations outside of Vancouver, such as Disneyworld and Disneyland, and the RSA  MTI workshops in New York.