Coming in 2019-2020!

The Lindbjerg Home Stars Musical Theatre Program will be back for their 4th Year with some changes that we hope you will see as positive!

First, our goal for the upcoming year is to provide more opportunities for “Community”. Community is the heart of theatre ~ everyone working together for a common goal.  While your “children/teens” are in class, feel free to stay around the studio, in the lobby or a vacant studio, and visit and connect with other home learning families (younger children welcome). Feel welcome to have some much needed “alone” time as well.  Younger students waiting may want to work on group projects together, visit nearby Club Aviva, IKEA Småland (free for 60 minutes), etc.  Our HomeStars Facebook Group will open up after registration to connect with other families during the week and share photos, field trips and ideas to make our HomeStars even more INCREDIBLE. (No obligation to join this.)

We want to brainstorm ways to support and promote our students in being proud of an incredible production and building a lifelong community of friends.

Our Friday, 10 Month Program, will be a more committed, focused, theatre program where the students will work toward a full musical production at a local theatre and one they can be proud of promoting to families and friends. This will be a production that families and friends will want to see more than once because they will recognize the work the students have put into it and be blown away with the talent and drive the students are showing on stage. If your child loves to sing ~ dance ~ act and understands that more than 3 absences (unless a valid reason), lateness, poor attitude over roles, and not listening in class will result in the loss of a role, we WANT and NEED them here!  These students know the importance of practicing at home.  This program also, is a part of our Simply Christmas Concert that happens every second year and our year-end recital.  Attendance for these events is mandatory – we need you!

(The production is based on enrollment and will be announced in September, 2019.  Please sign up early to ensure the best production opportunities.)

Workshops are back! Some of our families just can’t commit for the year.  That’s ok!  If you can commit to 7 weeks, we are offering on Thursdays three 7 Week Workshop programs.  These are mini programs and will not only build confidence, learn vocals and choreography, play theatre games and have a mini-production on the last day.  “Community” with our families will still be promoted.  Take one or take 3.  Want more Musical Theatre?  If space allows in the 10 month program, see if your child can join.

We have some “triple threats” in our program and we want to challenge them and really provide a production that they can be proud of.  Dedicated beginners are welcome and if you have some performing skills already, we will challenge you and help you to learn even more skills with our fun and experienced instructors.

Lindbjerg provides opportunites for performing outside of the studio on Vancouver stages as well as at Community Events.

To those that have been with us from the start.  THANK YOU for trusting us with your children.  We think they are exceptional.

Please do not delay in registering.  Signup will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Please register here for our 2019-2020 Season:
Questions?  Please contact our coordinator at: